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I’m still writing this post.

Where is Herefordshire?

On the edge of Wales. Physically it’s about the size of Greater London, but its entire population is less than Westminster’s.


Here’s a satellite image of Leominster – it’s only a mile and a half from edge to edge.

Satellite view of Leominster, Herefordshire
Google Earth view of Leominster town. You could walk the length or breadth
of it in half an hour! (Well, I couldn’t but a normally able person can.)
It’s still “all fields round here”.


Herefordshire is one of the most sparsely populated areas of the country, with 187,000 folks scattered across its 842 square miles.

You could seat the whole town in Bristol Rovers’ stadium.

Leominster has all of 11,900 residents. Bristol Rovers could fit the  lot in, with 200 seats spare! Believe it or not, Leominster’s the biggest of the market towns. Only Hereford is bigger at 60,000 – you’d need Arsenal’s stadium.

You can be A Woman Of Property round here for less than your 3-bed in Clapham. Local Facts in Leominster Blog, https://leominsterblog.com


65 acres, under £1m.
Lovely house but my idea of isolation hell.

Half of Herovians live out in the villages, and on dispersed properties. The Herefordshire countryside would be an excellent location for people involved in dodgy trades – all that privacy and an underfunded police force :twi

What’s it known for?


What else?

Crisps & Vodka




Jenny Pipes

Killing stroppy women

Why blog about Leominster?

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I reluctantly moved to Herefordshire in 2007. A Londoner whose health had collapsed, I was used to dynamic, vibrant, demanding city life. I could no longer meet its demands. I knew a rural market town would be different – but not exactly how. I’m still learning about Leominster.

It is inward-looking.

Leominster’s full of vintage charm. It is inward-looking: local people marry local people, start their families young and live around the corner from their parents. Despite numerous EU grants it’s economically moribund. I used to think it culturally stale, too, but I was wrong. It’s just different.

Some of the very best English produce comes from Herefordshire, but where are the quality restaurants?

There is money here – the countryside’s beautiful, with a smattering of mansions on extravagant land – but it doesn’t take much to be rich in Herefordshire. Barely anything sells for over a million, which would just buy an average home in the South-East. My London eye sees the potential in forgotten architectural marvels, and weeps.

Where’s the pride in Leominster’s heritage?
I can’t offer this town the confidence boost it needs.

Local farm produce is incredible: some of the very best English meat and fruit comes from Herefordshire. But quality restaurants are scarce; why is that? Does Leominster NOT KNOW WHAT IT’S GOT??? I sometimes feel like ranting (!) … but I am old and sick. I can’t offer this town the confidence boost it sorely needs.

Instead, I’ll try to show you round my adopted home, as I find it and as my health allows.

Corn Square, Leominster, Herefordshire - leominsterblog.comGoogle Street View at Corn Square, Leominster

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