Why blog about Leominster?

I reluctantly moved to Herefordshire in 2007. A Londoner whose health had collapsed, I was used to dynamic, vibrant, demanding city life. I could no longer meet its demands. I knew a rural market town would be different – but not exactly how. I’m still learning.

It is inward-looking.

Leominster’s full of vintage charm. It is inward-looking: local people marry local people, start their families young and live around the corner from their parents. Despite numerous EU grants it’s economically moribund. I used to think it culturally stale, too, but I was wrong. It’s just different.

Some of the very best English produce comes from Herefordshire, but where are the quality restaurants?

There is money here – the countryside’s beautiful, with a smattering of mansions on extravagant land – but it doesn’t take much to be rich in Herefordshire. Barely anything sells for over a million, which would just buy an average home in the South-East. My London eye sees the potential in forgotten architectural marvels, and weeps.

Where’s the pride in Leominster’s heritage?
I can’t offer this town the confidence boost it needs.

Local farm produce is incredible: some of the very best English meat and fruit comes from Herefordshire. But quality restaurants are scarce; why is that? Does Leominster NOT KNOW WHAT IT’S GOT??? I sometimes feel like ranting (!) … but I am old and sick. I can’t offer this town the confidence boost it sorely needs.

Instead, I’ll try to show you round my adopted home, as I find it and as my health allows.

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