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Where is Herefordshire?

On the edge of Wales. Physically it’s about the size of Greater London, but its entire population is less than Westminster’s.


Here’s a satellite image of Leominster – it’s only a mile and a half from edge to edge.

Satellite view of Leominster, Herefordshire
Google Earth view of Leominster town. You could walk the length or breadth
of it in half an hour! (Well, I couldn’t but a normally able person can.)
It’s still “all fields round here”.


Herefordshire is one of the most sparsely populated areas of the country, with 187,000 folks scattered across its 842 square miles.

You could seat the whole town in Bristol Rovers’ stadium.

Leominster has all of 11,900 residents. Bristol Rovers could fit the  lot in, with 200 seats spare! Believe it or not, Leominster’s the biggest of the market towns. Only Hereford is bigger at 60,000 – you’d need Arsenal’s stadium.

You can be A Woman Of Property round here for less than your 3-bed in Clapham. Local Facts in Leominster Blog, https://leominsterblog.com


65 acres, under £1m.
Lovely house but my idea of isolation hell.

Half of Herovians live out in the villages, and on dispersed properties. The Herefordshire countryside would be an excellent location for people involved in dodgy trades – all that privacy and an underfunded police force :twi

What’s it known for?


What else?

Crisps & Vodka




Jenny Pipes

Killing stroppy women

2 Replies to “Local Facts”

  1. Where you see, inward people, ideas etc
    I see a charming local town, that is content in its own skin. To term a phrase”Not up itself”
    Would we be happy as Londoners to chase wealth etc. Resulting in a city that ends up not for Londoners but for the very wealthy & our friends from abroad

    1. I get what you’re saying, Sheila 🙂 The reason I think it’s worth writing from my perspective is that I am an outsider (still, after 8 years!) who, while affectionate towards Leominster, sees an awful lot of “Why don’t they …?” about the place. So I have two points of view at the same time. Perhaps you thought I want it to be gentrified? I don’t. I want it to wake up.

      It’s not a weekend-away place for me, I live here now. I’m used to watching places change and have been seeing the signs here since I arrived. It’s a more gradual and markedly less energised process here than in my old parts of London. But it’s happening. I feel almost like the town’s being slowly abused, and has lost the confidence to reaffirm itself.

      I’m in no position to do anything about what happens or doesn’t happen. I do want to notice and record it, though. And, maybe, doing so will help me feel less of an outsider! As I’ve said, I want Leominster to speak for itself. It’s a brand-new blog and I have to start with my reasons, so there’s a bit too much of my personal opinion at the moment 😉

      What did you mean by “our friends from abroad”?

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