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Needs work …

On a bright February day, it was great to see scaffolding up in a few places and repairs starting early. Regrettably, much of Leominster’s historic architecture has escaped repair many times over the past few centuries. I’ve come to the conclusion townspeople don’t “see” this any more – so take a look, before it all falls down!


Much of Leominster’s historic architecture has escaped repair many times.

These aren’t raggedy barns on eccentric farms out in the country – though I hope to do a series on those, we have some amazing ones! They’re right in the town centre. I took these photos from the library car park and the Co-op. If I walked another five minutes, I’d have fifty more pictures for you.


They’re atmospheric. They’re intriguing – what’s each one’s story? They are ephemeral, because some of these aren’t going last much longer. And that makes me want to cry.

Picture set: Everyday

Some photos that are representative of 21st-century life here.

Picture set: Peace & Quiet

Before starting this blog, I did some reading about Leominster. It is repeatedly described as a ‘bustling market town’. This gives me an impression of prosperous traders dashing about their business through crowds of happy shoppers.

Well … It’s sometimes quite busy, if there’s an event on.